IN MEMORIAM: Peter Marcuse passed away in 2017. This website is in honor of his life and work.

Peter Marcuse (1933) lives and works in Amsterdam. He took his education for photography and typography at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and specialized in Color photography at Studio Colorama in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Initially an autonomous photographer, his affinity withtypography also made it easy for him to work with art directors and graphic designers. Later on, although still working on assignment, he focused again on autonomous photography. Work on assignment in the last 10 years consisted in expressing conception or thoughts in metaphorical images.
Before as a graphic designer, he designed corporate logos, catalogues and housestyles. These days he brings before the public subjects on industrial heritage, often related to his extensive photo archive.

In his photos lightning and composition comes first, which in black and white leads often to images with a graphic accent. Because of his first love for numbers and signs color photography is a prominent way to achieve interesting images
The thread running through his oeuvre however is shown in the subject ‘Man at Work’, from his first assignments for companies up to his work for Randstad Uitzendbureau (employment company) for almost 20 years.