Folkdancegroup DE PIEREWAAIERS

Folk dance group the Pierewaaiers was established as a student folk dance society in Nijmegen in 1977 and has since developed into a leading folkloristic group who is frequently asked to perform at home as well as abroad. Accompanied by our very own musicians we offer an extensive repertoire of Dutch and Flemish folk dances. The Pierewaaiers’ hallmark is their contagious enthusiasm and easy going atmosphere and feeling at home among a divers audience of all ages.

Whether they are touring Americans, the elderly, pupils and children, foreign business relations or visitors strolling round a fair. We can tailor our programme to almost every type of event.
Our group consists of eight dancing couples and seven musicians. For our performances we dress in the colourful costume of the island Marken. It goes without saying that the traditional clogs are part of the dress.
Besides this one we also dance in a traditional southern Dutch costume which you would find from Flanders right up to the region of Nijmegen over a 100 years ago.
At nearly every performance the audience has the opportunity to join in and have a go at dancing. The American tourist has the opportunity to learn an authentic clog dance and children have fun in mimicking “De Wasvrouwtjes” (The Washerwomen). The Pierewaaiers are one of the very few dance groups in Holland who offer this opportunity.