Sue Jones - Amenos project

Sue Jones is a photographer that is intrigued by the daily contradictions in our lives. She makes use visually of references from Greek philosophy, the Bible and eastern spirituality to express her quest in visualizing and communicating these contradictions.

Photography is a medium that is expressed in terms of light and dark. This is why this is an optimum medium to awaken our awareness and to start to reveal the contradictions between light and dark through this project “Amenos”.

We see before us a series of 9 works.

In the middle is a beautiful angel, a symbol of good, but she is revealing her vulnerability to us through her eyes, so we begin to doubt in her goodness.
Underneath is a sweet devil, is this boy really a devil or does Sue want us only to think this because of her choice in clothing?
In the top photo it seems as though the man is unaware of what is happening and has given in to Eve. The snake is holding Eve in an embrace and she seems to be aware of all the trouble that this could cause her. If this is really the case remains a personal interpretation and it seems as though Sue wants us to reflect on this ourselves and make our own judgement on the matter.

The smaller illustrations may help us to do so. Buddha (above right): is a symbol of spirituality but his head has separated from his body. The clenched hand on the bed: does this express pleasure or desperation, you decide.

The left foot with the sole pointing towards our organs and hidden frustrations placed in contradiction to a feather (to the right) is this a symbolic premonition for salvation?
Maybe not because in the photo to the left below we see the body as a sacrifice and the overturned goblet seems to be the means.

The conclusion is that Sue doesn’t want to make it easy for us and maybe this makes her work all the more challenging.

Peter Marcuse, Amsterdam May 2007
Photographer and publicist
Former Head Vredeman de Vries Academy of Arts
In Leeuwaarden