Exposition Wooden shoes for women only

Press release of 1992

It wasn’t by coincidence that the photo-exhibition with the theme “vrouwenklompen” is at the wooden shoe museum at Noardburgum, location of Scherjon’s wooden shoe factory.
The technical term “vrouwenklompen” after all is related to the wooden shoe making world. It indicates the shoe sizes 36 – 40 or wooden shoe size 24, 25 and 26 worn by women.
Between taking the photos and the exhibition today is a period of almost 20 years living in the country by the originally photographer and designer, Peter Marcuse from Amsterdam.
The photos bring back the time of the general tendency of the early seventies, a feeling to turn our back to the haste, pollution and increase of insecurity in the cities.
Self-explanatory it seems that the country life is the solution, where daily life is working out successfully. Although after a while one will realize that not everything will remain the same forever, the impulse is positive. To become acquainted with what nature can offer traditions and old crafts find their repercussion in the fashion scene of the city. For example the wooden shoes sprayed in silver paint, for sale at a trendy warehouse in Amsterdam (De Bijenkorf). As said, most pictures where made back then. Mostly fashion models (see the polished nails) are walking for the first time, but self assured in the wooden shoes, while gardening or looking after horse like having been done that earlier.
The place of the exhibition is not coincidal, but a moment in time that the maker of the pictures will return to city of Amsterdam, with experience and memories of the country life. That certainly applies for the old craft wooden shoe making. Not just a working on piece of wood, but a combination of family tradition and quality styled in a modern way. Not only for tourists, but for daily use, also by women and let it be so for a long time. To days exhibition will last until the 26th of September (the end of summer). The folk group “De Pierewaaiers” from Nijmegen will give a dazzling performance on the 5th of September, naturally in wooden shoes.
Noardburgum, juli 14th 1992

Translated by Monique Marcuse - November 2009