Province Gelderland

AGE-OLD DUTCH WOODEN SHOES: by Tineke van den Polder

I am a wooden shoe fan. People that know me, can hear by the sound that my wooden shoes make that it is me who is coming by.
In one of my old garden clogs is a big hole, so it is time to buy a new set. I want them unpainted and although not easy I succeded.

Finding a specialised clogseller I found out why. Most retailers don't want to sell unpainted wooden shoes, because they discolour in time and get stained when people try them on and put them back again.The consumer doesn't want this and so they sell only radiant painted clogs.

Form follows function. That what makes wooden shoes a wonderful product. My new clogs are 'womenclogs' officially called "Trip klompen". On the upper side the wood has been cut much deeper therefore nothing hurts the instep. Women don't want bubbles on their feet.
In order not to lose your clogs by every step a leather strap is mounted with 2 very fine special little nails. Spot and length of that strap is custom-made by the clogmaker when trying them on. Because they are unpainted you can see the fine markings of the wood.They are wonderful, but judge for yourselve!

The clogs you wear are still only made in Holland, because that special kind of willow-wood does'nt grow in China. They also don't make that special formed footbed that makes walking in wooden shoes so special.
Wooden shoes as a decoration for putting plants in and that sort of thing, for that purpose it won't matter, just a straight hole will do and these are made in low-wage countries.

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