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23 - 06 t/m 01 - 07
Horst-Jansen-Museum | Am Stadtmuseum 4-8 | Oldenburg


My black and white images of Amsterdam in the fifties were made in a stable and predictable period in Western Europe only 5 years of rebuilding after the second world war lay behind.
In the Amsterdam port evidence everywhere trade all over the world resumed especially with the then (again)dutch colonies, shipbuilding was booming and nobody was worried for a moment about environment and oilprice.
The son followed the father in profession or job for most of his life, so what one wanted to become one decided already early in life.
Although for the majority of the people income was modest, without television and holidays abroad, still not an unhappy life. The ones who didn’t like it, emigrated to Australia and Canada or South-Africa.

Being brought up in an industrial area I was familiar with people at work in companies who smelled of cocoa and coal, wheat and wood. Background noises from shipsirenes and trains hauled by steamlocomotives as a finishing touch.For that reason I could be found with my camera in Amsterdam port and later Schiphol airport.

At that time I was influenced by a dutch photographers like Art Klein, Carel Blazer and Cas Oorthuis. My own teacher at artschool taught me about the influence of light “making the photo”.Later followed by the american photographers like Will Mc. Bride, Art Kane and Bert Stern.